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Name :tj2017-11-14 16:08:13
Content :100iu blue top kit crect? how much f 20 kits?
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,for our blue top price is 120usd each kit,for 20 kits price we emailed you,pls check your email for details.Thanks a lot.
Name :ryan2017-11-6 22:12:18
Content :quote f a 6 months course of somatropin
Reply : Ryan, Thanks for your inquiry in our somatropin,if you buy 6 monthes coursee,that often will be 6 kits,our price is 120usd each kit Thanks
Name :scott wilco2017-11-4 9:46:16
Content :can you send me pricing infmation f the best fat loss/muscle building hgh.
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,you can go our shop for more price on these,we advise our jintropin new price 160usd each kit.
Name :richard2017-10-30 22:27:36
Content :can you let me know the prices please
Reply : Yes we emailed you list from pls check Thanks
Name :ned2017-10-30 22:26:14
Content :hi, is there difference between different hgh should i just get the blue top if the quality is good? also i will do a test on the product after i recieve if its not geniuine i wont again. also id like my to be shipped via dhl to perth australia, please let me know how much f 1kit blue top dhl shipping. thanks alot
Reply : Yes blue top new is best one so far.and you can test by yourself or in lab,we have belief in our products,Thanks
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