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Name :mark2017-10-28 5:25:30
Content :how long does shipping to uk take
Name :wilson2017-10-27 9:15:58
Content :hgh
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we have done this business for more than 5 yeras,pls confirm your email,we sent you our all details. Thanks
Name :bob2017-10-27 6:10:55
Content :hello. do the packages make it through australian customs? thank you.
Reply : Yes we will use discreet package to send. Thanks
Name :tim2017-10-22 20:32:33
Content :i am travelling through china wanted to get some jintropin to use whilst i am there can you tell me where i can get it do i have to get it online?
Reply : Yes you can make order in our shop directly or call us to get offline.we emailed you details.Thanks
Name :don block2017-10-21 14:20:57
Content :need to know to send payment f . mailing address
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we emailed you details.
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