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Name :wayne tumillo2017-9-10 19:01:32
Content :looking f hgh injections
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we emailed you pls check from Thanks
Name :john withers2017-9-8 12:21:39
Content :how much f 5 boxes please delivered to thail
Reply : Price will be 500usd,pls check more details from Thanks
Name :pete painter2017-8-31 11:13:24
Content :pls send quote 10iu 30 vials
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,our pricee will be 300usd for 30 vials total.pls check your email too,so we can talk easier,thanks again.
Name :robert2017-8-22 21:19:24
Content :cost f 6x10 viles 10iu best br
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry pls check your email so we can talk price thanks
Name :nhb2017-8-22 8:00:48
Content :what is difference between new jintropin jintropin? are prices f 100iu? what is shipping cost to united states? do you resend product if stuck in customs?
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,for new ones come with better quality with blood serum,and work faster,we ship the order with free shipping fee,if hold then we will make reshipping thanks
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