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Name :nathan thomas2018-2-2 2:46:07
Content :if i hgh from you what are my chances of getting it to the uk ? how will it be packehed as i dont wont it seized at customs
Reply : Thanks for your inquriy,we can ship them with discreet package.if hold we will make reshipping.
Name :ross mills2018-1-22 16:19:29
Content :hi just wondering how much is it f 1 kit of jintropin 10 vials
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,you can make order in our shop directly then we will get your details,If any problem pls email us again thanks
Name :mina rizk2018-1-5 5:05:57
Content :hello there, i wanted to ask you about the dosage usage as a beginner 1st time to use gh but i train f over 2 years now. is gh alone good enough to enhance muscle building i need to add steroids? also have you shipped to egypt befe? thx
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we emailed you details from Pls check.
Name :michael acham2017-12-29 12:06:26
Content :i recently placed a f kigtropin hgh 10iu... i would like 2 change that 2 the kigtropin hgh 20iu #2 kits... sry f the confusion..... thank you...
Reply : Yes we noticed that,we emailed you details.Thanks
Name :robert2017-12-14 18:09:44
Content :hgh
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we emailed you from Pls check thanks
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