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Name :robert colville2018-11-30 0:17:16
Content :looking f 3 kits
Reply : Yes you can make order in our shop directly,then you can get wholsale price there.Thanks
Name :jeffrey mcdonald2018-11-8 3:20:05
Content :how much f the 200iu kits of hygetropin
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,our price 220usd each kit for 200iu Thanks
Name :don block2018-10-30 23:25:36
Content :how much f 2 kits of jintropin hgh can i send the money through money graham who do i send it too
Reply : For our jintropin price 125USD each if you buy 2 kits.and pls check your email,we sent you details here too Thanks
Name :don block2018-10-29 11:22:54
Content :can i pay by bank transfer? what would be best f female runner?
Reply : Yes of course,we will email you details.Thanks
Name :rui vaz2018-8-1 7:34:04
Content :dear srs. we need to impt regularly around 1.000 vials of injectable hgh , ready to use 10ui/vial. please let us know your best price. thank you rui vaz
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we emaild you from pls check Thanks
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