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Name :don block2019/2/24 13:41:25
Content :how to purchase two kits of hgh. blue top
Reply : Pls check email we sent you Thanks
Name :don block2019/2/24 2:03:58
Content :two kits hgh
Reply : Glad to hear from your new order,we will email you soon.Thanks
Name :devaris jones2019/1/26 10:10:17
Content :hello im looking to purchase with you guys again but wanted to see what the price would be this time f ing 5kits of jintropin kigtropin. i see the price f 3kits but would the price be any better with purchasing 5 me ?
Reply : Devaris Jones, Thanks for your message in our shop we have been in china we didnot reply you,sorry and if you buy more than 5 kits jintropin kigtropin,then we can do price $120 each for you.Pls check whether this is good for you. Thanks
Name :robert colville2018/11/30 0:17:16
Content :looking f 3 kits
Reply : Yes you can make order in our shop directly,then you can get wholsale price there.Thanks
Name :jeffrey mcdonald2018/11/8 3:20:05
Content :how much f the 200iu kits of hygetropin
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,our price 220usd each kit for 200iu Thanks
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