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Name :mike clarke2012-8-20 21:17:12
Content :hi awhile ago i spoke to yourselves about potency of generic blue tops. we are looking f a supplier of hgh are interested in the blue tops, has there been any tests carried out on potency of the meds?
Name :gabriel2012-8-4 8:10:10
Content :what price f shipping to brazil price per unit
Name :mike clarke2012-7-1 20:17:58
Content :hi please can you send me prices f igtropin per 100iu, thanks.
Name :william dejonge2012-6-30 3:19:39
Content :i would like to 2 vials of sustanon250...what is the ptice plus shipping to canada?
Name :mike clarke2012-6-24 3:37:03
Content :hi can you send me prices of your hcg steroid injections please
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